Heirlooms, furniture, documentation - we know you’re entrusting us with valuable items, so we’ve invested in a facility that can keep them safe.

Secure Self Storage Facility

We keep our property secure with multiple layers of deterrence

Mead Mini Storage is built from the ground up to provide a safe environment for storage. 

Our facility is fully fenced and accessible only through a coded gate. 

Every entrant must provide a gate code to enter the facility, so only authorized people should be anywhere near your self storage unit. 

Surveillance cameras cover every corner, further deterring unauthorized people from visiting the facility.

Individually Alarmed Self Storage Units

Not only is our facility designed for security, but we’ve also invested in alarms for each and every self storage unit. 

If anyone but you opens your door, we’ll be alerted to the entry, and we’ll be able to respond appropriately. 

Every self storage unit has a specific alarm tied to it, so we know every time the doors are opened. This is just one of the many ways we try to take the stress out of self storage. 

All of our guests can rest easy knowing their stuff is safe.

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